The Best Bug Out Bag Kit You Can Buy in 2020

In any case of emergency, whether it be the apocalypse or hurricane, how will you leave when it’s time to go? You can’t pack, and with nothing you can’t just go.

You must bug it out, and you must do it quickly.

Whether the news comes from television and you don’t have much time, or protests break out violently in the streets, you have to be alert.

That’s why we’ve created a list with the five best tactical bug units. Keep it ready, pick it up, and make your way to safety.

These are the absolute best bug out bags you can find after considering things like total capacity, material durability, and total carrying weight.

Why should you have a bug out bag?

Bug Out Bags

Bug-out bags are becoming increasingly popular as the risk of an emergency or natural disaster is increasing. As the risk of a hurricane, earthquake, tornado, terrorist attack, flood, wildfire, financial crisis, or war is increasing, so should your preparedness level.

You want a backpack packed with essential gear to help you and your family survive for at least 72 hours when the crap hits the fan. That’s what a bug out bag is about.

When should a bug out bag be packed for an emergency?

A bug out bag’s whole point is that it’s packed and ready to go ALWAYS. You may not have the time to throw the last few items in your bug out bag in a real emergency. So, the short answer to this question is that at all times the bag should be packed and ready to go. But you should also be careful to check your bag periodically for any things that might expire or need replacement if they’ve been sitting for a while.

Best Bug Out Bag Kit Reviews & Recommendations For 2020

The best bug out beg to own: Emergency zone urban survival but out bag kit

Rescue Guard First Aid Hurricane Kit Review

FEMA-compliant and built to last 72 hours for two people, everything was done by the Emergency Zone.

They give you a little of everything for a fully kitted bug out bag backpack. This kit includes personal hygiene products, a water filtration straw, and bars for food ration to get fast and powerful nutrition when you most need it.

Unlike other brands, they don’t want to show other survivors in an emergency “Oh, this is a bug-out pack.” That’s not going to be smart.

So to put everything in, they send you this clean, unbranded backpack. You get a dozen large pockets to give you on – the-go quick access to various categories of items.

Also, the backpack itself is made from reinforced materials and equipped with mesh backrest to prevent excessive sweating while walking.

As a word of caution, apart from what the kit comes with, there is no room in this bag. For your own things, you’re not left with extra space, so you’ll need an extra bag for that.

Your backpack isn’t waterproof, but it has some resistance so it won’t be waterlogged by rain. Some items could use some improvement, such as the flashlight. The value is clear, however, and all the items work as intended.

You’re going to get a 118-piece first aid kit to handle all the wounds you might have incurred in a 72-hour period.

Your food and water bags come with a shelf life of five years, so you only need to slightly change your bug-out bag once every five years to keep everything good, both of which are approved sources by the US Coast Guard, by the way.


  • Items Included: 60+
  • Weight: 15.2 lbs
  • Food Included: Yes

Runner up: Rescue guard first aid hurricane kit

Rescue Guard First Aid Hurricane Kit

In any survival plan, one of the most frightening situations is if someone gets injured and you don’t know how to help them.

It might be because you’re under-prepared, but it might change the Rescue Guard.

This ultra-light backpack is the best survival bag for those who do not want to be ready for anything. To replace the medical supplies in other one-stop bags, you can use these supplies and this backpack.

That’s not all they focus on, though. For you and another party member, as well as a dozen water bottles, you still get 72-hour rations. Don’t worry; the ration bars aren’t dehydrated, so by adding it to the food bag you don’t have to waste water.

There are a couple of problems with that ultralight bag that we described. The bag is prone to tears and rip;ping; it is thin, so it is not built to support more than is included in the pack.

With that being said, if it gets torn, you can quickly repair it, and since it won’t be your primary backpack, it’s less likely to withstand stress.

Rain blankets, survival ponchos, and light sticks to see a fire in the dark— this kit tries to think about everything. It’s a cheap way to add gear to your bug-out, so you can pick it up between other major bug-out or bug-in purchases.



  • Items Included: 95
  • Weight: 8.5lbs
  • Food Included: Yes

Honorable mention: The gold armor camping cookware mess kit

Gold Armour Camping Cookware Mess Kit Review

You have to eat it, you know.

Let’s say the power doesn’t come back on for a while, or at the moment your home town/city isn’t safe. You can’t eat the bars of ration. You have to have a real meal.

This is the perfect bag with a little culinary experience for bug-out preppers. The pans have fold-out handles that cover the sidewalls, so you can roll it up to a size that is super small.

Within the included carrying case, everything fits right inside. That means the silverware fold-out, the stubby wooden spoon, and even the fire starter and the D-ring.

Speaking of which, it is very important to start the fire.

That’s one of those things a portable pan set doesn’t have to include, that’s what the Gold Armor stuck out. These were designed not just for your run-of-the-mill camper, but for preppers.

You also get a miniature stove and source of ignition for that, as well as aluminum approved by FDA for the pan. You have no choice to find a McDonald’s down the street— this kit must be able to get you through the tough times, no matter how long they may be.

Be vigilant that the non-stick coating on the pan is not scraped. It’s not fragile, but you know how easy it is for stainless steel to do some major damage if you’ve ever owned a non-stick pan.

This cheap kit gets you prepared for the long-haul, and can also be used indoors if you are planning to bug in and have no access to your own stove.


  • Items Included: 17
  • Weight: 1.6 lbs
  • Food Included: No

Best for the money: Everlit 250 piece survival bug out bag kit

Everlit 250 Piece Survival Bug Out Kit Review

Bug-out bag reviews often talk about medical supplies ‘ lackluster content. Well, Everlit is your one-stop shop for medical supply.

It’s not a complete bug-out bag, but it’s designed to fit within your own. With a weight of only 1.8 lbs and a compact size of 8.5″x 6″x 4″5, it won’t take up a lot of room.

You know how certain sections of the medical kit in bug-out bags come with minimal amounts of important things such as cotton balls and actual bandages? This gives you tons of supplies.

The case itself is as long-lasting as it can be, and it’s ridiculously cheap to get with all that. Not only that, but all of OSHA’s safety guidelines are fully met and surpassed.

It’s a must, whether you’re planning to bug in or bug in. These supplies are not going to expire. You can get one in your home, one in your bag, and one in your car under the driver’s seat (without breaking the bank).



  • Items Included: 250
  • Weight: 1.8 lbs
  • Food Included: No

The runner up: Puhibuox survival gear kit

Puhibuox Survival Gear Kit

It’s the top bug-out increase in the bag that will increase your chances of survival.

This kit comes with a pocket knife as well as some basic survival gear (which we always talk about how important those are).

Put this in your pre-existing bug out bag, or hold another one in your car under the seat— never know when it’s going to come in handy.

You’re also going to get a belt clip compass, a fire starter, tactical pen and more to keep you safe and keep the fires roaring as you map your next course.

It’s all cheap in this kit, and for a reason. It’s good quality, or it wouldn’t make the list, but the whistle could be ignored.

It’s not the most powerful one. But we don’t really need that part of the kit for a bug out bag where you may not want to draw attention to yourself.

In this cool little package, they even managed to stuff in an emergency blanket. The whole plastic case on this kit is completely waterproof, so do your worst, and it will remain strong.



  • Items Included: 14
  • Weight: 1.3 lbs
  • Food Included: No


Bug Out Bag FAQ

fire disaster

What should be in a bug out bag?

Bugout equipment backpacks should contain a lot of stuff.

You’ve got to use what’s in that bag to get through until either someone comes to rescue you, or you can get back home. It’s not always easy to know what’s going to happen first, or what’s going to happen to you.

You need most of the following inside your bug out bag (replace accordingly based on judgment and knowledge):

  • Water bottles
  • Purification tablets
  • Water purification systems
  • Calorie bars or ration bars
  • Freeze dried food
  • Utensils
  • Cookware
  • Fishing lines
  • Survival knife
  • Butane canisters for camp stove
  • Fresh clothes
  • Waterproof containers
  • Poncho
  • Medical supplies: bandages, hydrogen peroxide, cotton, gauze, medical gloves
  • Tent or tarp
  • Sleeping bag
  • Zip ties
  • Paracord survival bracelet
  • Waterproof matches
  • Lighter
  • Flammable kindling
  • Moist towelettes
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Floss
  • Hygiene products
  • Multitool
  • Portable solar panel
  • Hatchet
  • Headlamp
  • Lantern
  • Glow sticks
  • Some form of phone or radio
  • Self-defense: firearm, knife, taser

For every possible situation that might happen out there, you must plan ahead.

What we’ve just listed may not be enough, though. We can’t tell you every single situation that will happen based on your location, and we can’t pretend to know how you’re going to react to it.

How large is the size of your party? This will determine how much food your water filtration device will need and how much power it will need.

How much ground do you need to cover? If you have a long trek through the forest, you need extra rations and water.

Some people in townscapes are going to hunker down in hidden areas. Others are taking to the forests. Change the bug according to your game plan and don’t break from it.

What do ‘SHTF’ and ‘TEOTWAWKI’ stand for?

SHTF is an acronym used by sh*t to hit the fan. This means something drastic, like the start of a natural disaster, financial crisis, or war, has happened. Generally speaking, when things go south fast, this word is used. The other commonly used acronym for signaling is’ TEOTWAWKI’ for removing the bug from the bag. This is the end of the world as we know it.’

How much should a but out weigh?

Bug Out Bag Weight and require

The smallest possible amount. You carry a lot of stuff, and it counts every ounce. Think of it this way: every ounce you have to carry is another strike against your tiredness.

You’re going to be exhausted if the bag is too big or too heavy. For the rest of your survival, that won’t bode well.

Your bug out bag is supposed to weigh about 20-25%, more or less, of what you weigh.

You can push that up to 30% if you’re in very good physical health. Just because you can bring more, it’s not going to be a good idea.

This is where the concept of minimalism comes into play in the planning. Keeping things light and portable regardless of what you need, and taking only what you need.

That’s why you see firms making super lightweight aluminum cookware, or backpacks that come from 600D nylon for durability, but only 3.2 lbs when empty.

Each bit of weight is weighing, because for the entire trip it’s practically on you. You don’t even want to leave a trail behind when you use containers and eat the food. There’s no sign.

Your bag’s weight matters. Look at your physical fitness, your distance game plan, and the terrain you’re going to cross, and factor it all in.

If you’re not sure what you’re going to do, make a mockup. Bring your survival bag and walk the trail you’d follow if a disaster happened.

It’s different from doing it for survival in a recreational way, but it will teach you one thing: it’s all heavier than you imagine it’s in your head. It may help you re-evaluate what you’re bringing, and see if you can customize a more lightweight pieces bug out bag.

What does but out mean to preppers?

When you pack up and leave home during a major crisis or disaster, bugging out is.

We have more natural disasters than ever before, so you’ve got this whole new generation of bug out (post-Katrina) that doesn’t really want to be caught in these horrific events. We see it all the time with 24/7 news.

They’d call us nuts twenty years ago. It’s only logical to be prepared for the worst today.

It sounds like bugging out: get the hell out of the spot you’re in to avoid massive danger.

But without anything, you can’t just go. It would be stupid to get up without any belongings and leave; it would also be stupid to grab too many on your way out of the door.

However, it is not just an exit strategy. Bugging out doesn’t mean you’re always leaving everything behind. A temporary problem is a temporary solution.

Crises, as we mentioned, could be natural disasters, or something a little more nefarious. It might be a hijacking power grid, it might be foreign enemies on our soil, or anything that changes the status quo immediately. Anything that threatens you and your family.

If you get out of the spot you’re in and keep moving, you’re more likely to survive. In the suburbs, you can’t keep a low profile; you need to pass.

Many people are actually going to bug in, and that’s all right depending on the situation, like a snowstorm or something that won’t ruin the home’s base.

Bugging out means having a backpack at the ready, sitting by the door so that if necessary, you can pop on your boots and leave in less than sixty seconds. It means being the first out of a situation and willing to endure it for as long as necessary.

Be Ready For Anything That Happens

You’re one step closer to being prepared for anything now that you have the best bug out bag.

Once you’ve set it all, you can rest easy knowing you’ve planned for anything potentially bad that could happen to you and your family.

Your bug-out bag is one of your survival’s most important elements. It requires planning, foresight, and flawless execution to get it right and know how to use whatever you bring along.

You took another step to become a full prepper. To you, what’s next?